How Does Psychotherapy Help?

There is so much to learn about yourself and your relationships. You may think you should be able to figure things out on your own and feel that there’s something wrong in asking for help.  There are times when the challenges of work, relationships, or even your own thinking can produce distress.  You may feel sad or overwhelmed by worry, or that you aren’t able to express your creativity.  These might be new feelings or ones that are quite familiar.  Perhaps you feel that you don’t know what your life is about and have a sense that there is more.  Or you find yourself repeating the same conflicts in relationships and haven’t been able to work your way out of them.

I am trained to listen to and understand you in a way that is different from your friends and family.  I will attend to your story with an ear to finding how your past experiences impact your current difficulties.  We will work collaboratively to learn about you and to help you find your own way to live your life from a new perspective.  You may not be aware of the impact of certain things that you have carried within you, and which shape your thoughts and feelings.  Speaking with someone who can listen in a new way, and help you piece together and learn from your past experiences can provide tremendous relief, and facilitate your growth in a direction of your own choosing.

My extensive observation of infants and families has given me a unique perspective and understanding of how difficulties develop and are held internally until they can be met with new understanding.  This is what I can provide in our work together.

While I will always take your concerns very seriously, there is a place for play and humor in psychotherapy.  Noticing and sharing life’s ironies can be an enjoyable part of the healing process.

I work with some people on a weekly basis, but have found that the intensity of meeting 2-4 times per week provides the greatest benefit for many people, with increased opportunity to address underlying anxieties.