Parent Guidance

Parenting is a difficult job and at times it can feel that none of the available information or advice fits for you and your child. I have over a decade of working with, observing, and studying parents and children, and can help you with both the behavioral and relationship aspects of your relationship with your child.

This can involve thinking creatively about what might help your child change his/her behaviors, or coming to a deeper understanding of how a parent’s stresses and emotions might affect a child’s behavior. Frequently when the parents’ situation is addressed, the child no longer needs to use behaviors that are difficult for everyone.

Since sibling relationships form an important part of family structure, these relationships are also addressed. This work can take place primarily in meetings with one or both parents, and can include the child or children. The goal of this work is to ease the strains on all members of the family, so that a more harmonious family life comes into being.